Here on Mutineer’s Moon, we love the work of David Weber, especially his Dahak series, which starts with Mutineer’s Moon as the first book.

This was the very first novel I had ever read by David Weber, and I was hooked. I dare to say, it was also one of my first space opera books I’d read back then as well.

Since then, I have read everything David Weber has written, and while Dahak remained my favorite, I also found his Honorverse series extremely attractive for my tastes. I have devoured that series quite fast as well.

Still, Mutineer’s Moon is something special to me because it opened my eyes to a whole new world out there at a time when I had some difficulties in life growing up.

When I was once talking about David Weber with a friend, we got to talking about book names and websites, and much to our combined surprise, Mutineer’s Moon was available. I got all excited about the possibilities to pay yet another tribute to one of my favorite science-fiction authors, David Weber, not only in buying and reading his books but also about writing down my thoughts about his work whenever I read something new by him.

So, Mutineer’s Moon was born, and that’s the short story of how it came to be.