About Mutineer’s Moon

Hi, I’m Jo, and I’m a bookaholic. I enjoy reading especially science-fiction novels, and ever since I’ve first stumbled upon Mutineer’s Moon, I got hooked not only on David Weber’s Dahak series (aka Mutineer’s Moon series) but on the entire range of books David Weber has ever written.

And boy, he has written a lot of books!

His Honorverse universe alone includes several series like Honor Harrington, Manticore Ascendant, and other standalone novels, not to mention his Safehold series, Starfire series, War God series, Empire of Man series, and his young-adult novels as well.

And I have read them all.

Yet, even after reading dozens of the books by David Weber, Dahak somehow remained my ever favorite, even though it only includes three books.

Some readers say that the series has four books, but in fact the last book, Empire from the Ashes is nothing more than an omnibus of the trilogy, i.e. all three books in one volume.

So I want to dedicate this small fan site to the works by David Weber, and especially to the Dahak books. Because there is already so much online about Honorverse that Dahak remains pretty much in its shadow.

And it’s a pity, really.… Read the rest